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NEW!  Concussion Policy Guide for Idaho Schools

In 2012, the Idaho Legislature passed House Bill 632, the Youth Sports Concussion Bill. The intent of the law is to help protect young athletes with concussion and also to help schools and sport programs limit liability on the basis of negligence should a significant concussive injury occur. All sport programs affiliated with Idaho’s public middle, junior and high schools are required to comply with this law.  Concussion guidelines must be consistent with the current standards of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This guide is designed to assist school administrators in the design and implementation of concussion management policy for sport programs.  Included are sample policies, parent acknowledgement forms, academic accommodation plans, parent and athlete resources and more.  

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Resources for Coaches, Athletes & Parents.  Legislation passed in 2012 in Idaho requires all public middle and high schools that sponsor sports programs to adhere to current CDC concussion management guidelines.  The CDC’s Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports website offers free information. Schools and sports programs can also order materials from the CDC at no charge.

Coaches’ Education Program

Sports-related concussion in youth and high school sports can be serious or even life threatening situations if not managed correctly. In this course you will understand the impact sports-related concussion can have on your players, how to recognize a suspected concussion, the proper protocols to manage a suspected concussion, and steps to help your player return to play safely after experiencing a concussion.