Scholarship in Progress & Unpublished Manuscripts

Faure, C. E., Fitzpatrick, J., & Henrie, T. (2015 – under review). Professional Action Sport Athletes’ Experiences With and Attitudes Toward Concussion: A Phenomenological Study. Manuscript submitted to The Qualitative Report on November 1, 2015.

Faure, C. E., Douma, B., & Wood, G. (2015 – in progress). Athletic Trainer Workload Related to Concussion Management in Big Sky Conference Schools. Data collection concluded August, 2015.

Moffit, D. M., & Faure, C. E. (2015 – in progress). The Value of Athletic Trainers in Relation to Concussion. Data analysis completed July, 2015. Manuscript in preparation.

Rinehart, R. E., & Faure, C. E. (2015 – in progress). From Chopsticks to Chopin: Accepting ‘Big Air’ Risk. Data collection completed April, 2015. Manuscript in preparation.

Hearn, G., & Faure, C. E. (2015 – in progress). The Body Project II: The Experience of Injury and Pain Among Student Athletes. Currently in development.

Wong, M., Turley-Ames, K., Faure, C. E., Miyake, T., & Pearce, K. (in progress). Sleep problems and executive functions in adolescent girls with concussion. Study IRB approved June, 2012; Pilot Study began spring, 2013.