Neurocognitive Assessment

Computerized neurocognitive testing programs can be a valuable tool for concussion assessment. They can also help coaches, parents, and athletes determine when it is safe to return to play by assessing brain function after a head injury is sustained.13, Many neurocognitive assessments, including ImPACT™, are software-based and administered on a computer. These tests make possible a quantitative measurement of a brain’s function through measurements of multiple aspects of cognitive activity. These include memory, reaction time, and attention span.21,22,23 When used in conjunction with standardized symptom scale checklists, neurocognitive assessments give physicians, athletic trainers, coaches, and parents a greater guarantee of the appropriate time for an athlete’s safe return to activity.8,13,,22, Ideally, the tests are given to athletes before the season begins so a “baseline” score is obtained. Then, after a suspected concussion is sustained, a follow-up test is given and scores are compared to the initial assessment.

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